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Write anything you want

2009-01-04 14:16:22 by headbang87

I think I won't make music for some time, at least I won't upload it to NG, need a break, except the collab with "Die Toten" = "Teddybeere"
Here you can write anything you want, something about you, or some spam, use this space for anything you want, for now I don't care


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2009-01-05 14:02:03

And now serious stuff: Ok do as you wish take as much time as you think is needed, I'll wait here patiently till you submit more of your awesome audio!

headbang87 responds:

thanks, I'll be back


2009-08-03 04:08:57

i also have a bc richh i find this site can be frustrating when you put out something right awayy, they give you a 0 right off the bat so your ratings are fucked -- i dont blame you for taking a breakk. enjoy yourself your a great musician

(Updated ) headbang87 responds:

yeah zerobombers...
not only the zerobombing but the way some people talk really sucks, I've got no problems with constructive criticism, but the way some of them critizise something is disrespective and often plain wrong (like I don't like metal so you get 0, or it sounds like techno (wtf?!) Guitar is fake so you're a fake etc. )
which bc rich do you have? I've got beast


2010-02-25 23:40:27

we neeed to make a come back man! how have you beeen though? still rough ? get back to me mannn


2010-10-07 23:01:15